Representatives from health and social services unions considered how to achieve and provide for universal health care. They further addressed collective bargaining and the implementation of the fundamental principles and rights at work in regional healthcare services. Unions discussed the national situations regarding healthcare and social services. The participants developed a regional action plan for “Right to Health (and Healthcare Workers’ Rights)” and “On Eradicating Violence and Harassment in Healthcare Services.”

The seminar was organised 7–8 October 2019 in Nur-Sultan (old Astana) by PSI and the ILO. Representatives of 10 countries attended. Adopting a joint statement, the unions expressed their deep concern over the increasingly frequent reports of administrative pressure exerted on the Trade Union of Health Workers of Kazakhstan aimed at restricting the right of workers to choose their trade union association freely. They condemn the attacks which leads to a reduction in membership and the elimination of the Union’s primary organisations. The unions underline that a democratic and strong trade union movement will develop in

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